About Us

The Toughest, Longest-Lasting Outdoor Grills and Cookers For Every Use

Founded in 1997 and located at the northern end of the Blue Ridge Mountains in Waynesboro, Pennsylvania, Blue Ridge Mountain Cookery (BRMC) first established its reputation by being the largest supplier in the nation of commercial outdoor cookers to the US Government and US Military. Our units can be found in military installations in Japan, Korea, Germany, and most military bases in the U.S. We have provided grills to our troops in Iraq and Afghanistan and many Navy vessels in the US fleet have BRMC Grills on their decks. Foreign dignitaries even eat off Blue Ridge Cookers when they visit Camp David.

Today, BRMC manufactures and distributes a full line of grills, cookers and roasters for commercial, rental, and military use.

For commercial applications, BRMC manufactures a line of tow-behind grills/pig roasters/cookers and stainless steel patio grills. From outdoor breakfasts, catering for weddings, or special events…to doing a hog roast or chicken feed as a fund raiser, BRMC offers a unit that will feed 100 – 2000 guests at your event. Versatile options include griddle plates, rotisseries, stoves, and steam table applications—which allow the cookers to be used as more than just a grill.

BRMC also offers a retail/fun grill to consumers—extreme tailgaters, campers, hunters, etc. Our Tailgater Grill® offers the ability to grill virtually anywhere.

Blue Ridge has been an active Associate Member of the American Rental Association (ARA) since 1998 and has been working with the rental industry to provide Rental Stores with versatile, durable cooking units.