Q. Do you offer charcoal grills?

A. Yes. Our line of products include a 2′ x 5′ stainless steel or powder coated charcoal grill for those people that prefer charcoal to gas.

Q. How many BTU’s do these cookers generate?

A. The Series 1000 has 3 burners that put out approximately 30,000 BTU’s each, for a total of 90,000.
Series 2000 includes up to 6 burners at 30,000 BTU’s each for a total of 180,000.
The Series 3000 has up to 9 burners at 30,000 BTU’s each for a total of 270,000.
The Series 4000 includes up to 12 burners at 30,000 BTU’s each for a total of 360,000 BTU’s in heat generation.
The Club Grill has 8 burners for 160,000 BTU’s and the Club Grill, Jr. has 4 burners with 80,000 BTU’s.
Our Griddle has 105,000 BTU’s.

Q. What should I use to clean the Classic Cooker® line of barbecues?

A. Classic Cookers recommends a product called Oven Jell sold by Betco.  Click HERE to find a Distributor near you.

Q. How much do the Classic Cookers® weigh?

A. All weights are approximate.
CC1000 – 700 lbs. (320 kg)
CC2000 – 1200 lbs. 
CC3000 – 1900 lbs.
CC4000 – 2300 lbs. (1040 kg)
Club Grill – 215 lbs.

Club Grill, Jr. – 120 lbs.

Griddle – 145 lbs.

Q. How much weight can the rotisserie turn?

A. This system is limited only by the amount of food you can physically put on the rotisserie, not by the weight.

Q. How long do the propane tanks last?

A. With all burners operating the Series 4000, and 3000, you should get eight to ten hours of cooking time.  On the Series 1000, with all three burners operating, your tank should last between nine to eleven hours.

Q. Can I get a license for a Classic Cooker® so I can tow it on the road?

A. Certainly. Each Classic Cooker® is sold with a Certificate of Origin and meets all DOT requirements. You simply take this paper to your local license issuing agent in your area, and they will supply you with a plate for your Classic Cooker®.

Q. Will I be able to see any of the Classic Cooker® Series soon?

A. Absolutely. We are attending a number of trade shows in the next several months.  Just go to the Trade Show where we will be or call us and we will gladly refer you to customers in your area who own and love their Classic Cookers® units.